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Raffles International Christian School - Towards Academic Excellence

RICS is ranked among the Top 2 schools in Indonesia for the number of Brilliance Awards awarded by Cambridge International Examinations -------One in three students scored more than 5 straight distinctions in the IGCSE Examinations ------- RICS Elementary students ace Cambridge International Primary Achievement Test (CIPAT)

The pursuit of academic excellence is an integral and important part of education at Raffles International Christian School. The faculty and learning community at RICS are deeply committed to work together to develop and realise the intellectual potential of every student.

However, the instructional programmes at RICS extends beyond the cognitive development of our students in their pursuit of academic excellence at international examinations. They aim to empower our students to be self directed and independent learners equipped with analytical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills.

Learning at RICS goes beyond the confines of the classrooms. For example, students work collaboratively with peers on joint projects and exchange programmes with our global partnership schools around the world. Students also embark on specially designed educational fieldtrips to reinforce what they have learnt on the classroom.

Raffles International Christian School

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